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Welcome to BRSH?Newsletter for?the 1st Semester of 2020-2021.?

01 ?教師節表彰大會


In commemoration of this year’s Teachers’ Day, and as part of the BRS 25th Anniversary festivities, all the faculty and staff of BRS and 200 parents were invited to the 2020 Awards Ceremony for BRS Role Model Teachers on September 30 in the auditorium. Themed “BRS Dreams Sail High on The Sea of Education”, this event featured representatives of the award-winning teachers and departments on stage sharing their professional growth experiences while working at BRS.? Principal Wang Guangfa presented the Model Teacher Award to sixteen enthusiastic and dedicated teachers and the Outstanding Department Award to five departments selected from all divisions of our school.


02 ?社團招新


On September 23, the Annual BRS Clubs Recruitment event was held for the 2020-2021 School Year in the BRS Gymnasium. The event featured on-stage talent shows, exhibition ball games and booths for each club with engaging games, activities and a club-specific video. ?With 34 clubs for students to explore and consider, this event is designed to allow students and visitors to explore, enjoy and engage at many levels, appealing to students’ inner sense of discovery and empowering students to join the club based on their hands-on experience.


03 ?家長課堂第三期


On the afternoon of Oct.11, Dr Yao Yi, the director of the Academic Committee, officially launched this year’s?AP Test registration season?with a lecture on AP test development trends and how to make an AP test plan.? In the?interests of helping students and parents fully grasp the AP exam preparation information and planning methods, Dr. Yao Yi shared the latest trends of the exam based on data, introduced the AP exam content, addressed the application situation nationally and globally, and compared the difficulty level of AP exam subjects and the problems which should be identified in detail.


04 ?家長課堂第二期


On September 26, the 2nd Parents’ Workshop online lecture “International Examination and AP Registration Information Introduction of this year”, organized by the Testing and Assessment Center of BRS, was held as scheduled.? With more than 120 students and parents participating in the Parents’ Workshop that day, Mrs.Pu Lili, the director of the Testing and Assessment Center, introduced the functions of the Center and the examination process implemented due to the epidemic situation.? Mrs. Gao Wei, also of the Testing and Assessment Center, systematically introduced the AP test dynamics, registration information and how to prepare for the test. This information and advice was warmly welcomed by students and parents and was provided to help students to get ready for the AP test at this critical time.


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